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Please always remember to report any safety issues or concerns to your NStar Operations Manager immediately. 
We all have to STAY SAFE!

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:: Safety Attitude ::

It Seems like Common Sense

It seems as if humans do their best to avoid pain and death. Despite this, many of us behave in a manner that is a threat to our own well-being. There are basically two reasons why this happens:

Lack of knowledge – What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Attitude – What is your attitude toward safety?

When asked about safety, some people say they are all for it and do their best to work safely all the time, while others may complain about any safety efforts made or taken. The difference between the two folks is one of attitude. Your attitude affects almost all you do and how you do it.

Have you ever noticed that some people who are successful in life, or are just happy, tend to have a positive attitude? And so it is with safety. Safety rules, regulations and procedures are written to protect you and others from harm; they are not written to make your work life more uncomfortable or inconvenient!
If you cooperate in safety matters and do your best to work safely, not only is there less chance of you or somebody else getting injured, but you won’t have to be “at odds” with your supervisor who is doing his/her job by enforcing safety rules, regulations and policies. When you observe safety rules, regulations and policies, you should feel more confident because on-the-job injuries should not occur, and you can go home in one piece.

Nobody is perfect; even the best of us can forget or make an error in judgment. Therefore, to maximize our safety efforts, we must look out for one another. If someone tells you that you are not working safely, don’t become angry or defensive; that person is just looking out for your well-being. If you didn’t know you were doing something unsafe, be thankful that your actions were noticed before you or someone else was injured. If you simply forgot the safe way to do something or got a little careless, be grateful that someone cares enough to get you back on track. If you see someone doing something unsafe, speak up, but do so diplomatically.



Remember, attitude affects behavior! If you have a positive attitude towards safety, the odds are that you will exhibit safe behavior, while a negative attitude will only cause conflict, stress and eventually a mishap.

Please keep in touch with your Operations Manager with any change in health, safety incidents, schedules, or any stories, good or bad, that need to be told.

Stay Safe.

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