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Annual Checkup


Importance of an Annual Checkup

It is human nature to be reactive instead of being proactive in many aspects of life. Our health is one area where many people do not takes steps to improve it until after a problem occurs. This is a reactive approach. It is important to have a proactive approach in protecting your health. Going to your doctor for an annual checkup is an important part of a proactive approach towards maintaining good health.

Why People Don’t Go to the Doctor

  • They use the excuse I feel healthy, nothing is wrong
  • Money issues or no insurance
  • They say they do not have time
  • They rather wait until they get sick or hurt
The reasons listed above represent only a few of a large number of reasons why people do not go to the doctors annually. None of the reasons listed above should serve as an excuse to avoid going to the doctor. Time and money especially should not hold us back from going to the doctor. If a small problem develops into a large problem so will the time and money needed to address it.


Why We Should Go to the Doctor Every Year

There are many benefits of going for an annual checkup. The most obvious benefit is catching problems before they start or very early before they develop into something major. As we get older it is important to get screened for certain diseases. A few examples of things that could be screen for is skin cancer, breast cancer, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and prostate cancer. There are many more ailments and diseases that should be looked at depending on your family history and risk factors.

At the Doctor’s Office

It is important to help the doctor treat you as well as he or she can. It takes effort on your end to make sure they have the information they need. Fill out health questionnaires as accurately and honestly as possible. Have a plan and write down key things you want to talk about with the doctor when you get to the appointment. Be open with the doctor. Do not be shy or embarrassed to talk about any problems or concerns you may have. They need the right information from you to be able to do the best job they can.


Our health is everything. Without it we have nothing. Everything you do in your life right now depends on your good health. Make it a point to get to the doctor every year, whether you feel good or not. Catching a small problem before it grows into something major may make all the difference between a premature death and living strong for a few more decades.

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