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Achieving Safety Goals in 2020



It's a Whole New Year

Any company that focuses on improving workplace safety aims to get their employees home in the same health they came into work or better every single day. For many companies there is often a larger expressed goal attached to this effort. Often the goal for many worksites or companies as a whole is to make it an entire year without any injuries. For other companies it may just be no lost time injuries in a year. Despite what the goal is or the duration set, one thing is for certain- it takes focused effort every single day to achieve it.

Safety Goals Set by Companies

            Safety records are tracked, days since last injury counters loom over employees’ heads, and safety lunches are held to celebrate employee efforts in working safely. While these tools may be good reminders for a workforce that there is a goal set and there is progress being made, the honest truth is that it takes dedication by every single person on that team over a long period of time to achieve the larger goal. The enormity of these safety related goals can overwhelm even the most optimistic employee.

            The Only Way to Achieve a Big Safety Goal is One Task at a Time

                      After huge goals are set by companies regarding workplace safety, it is up everyone’s willingness to embrace that it is possible and take action towards meeting the goal. The thought alone of making it a whole year without injury automatically shuts down many individuals from even wanting to put a care towards attempting to achieve it. To reduce the enormity of the goal, concrete actions need to be lined out every day to focus on preventing injuries one task at a time.

                      The best way to achieve a huge goal is to take small steps towards it every single day. For safety goals it means doing one step, one work task, one safeguard, the right way each time it needs completed. Effort cannot be applied directly to the overall abstract goal that may be a year or two away. Effort can be applied by each individual to take action in the task they are doing that minute to complete it in the safe and correct manner.


                      Goals are good. Goals for safety in a workplace should be embraced by employees. After all, it is ultimately about making sure everyone goes home in the same health they arrived in or better when they return home. More important than the goal itself is the action needed in a given moment to make your work task or workplace safe. While it takes a lot of effort by every single member of a workforce to achieve what seems to be a hard to reach safety goal, it is truly possible when you focus your efforts on the task at hand.

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