Semiconductor Safety Starts Within Our Team

November 18, 2022

Man in striped shirt

By Darrell McDaniel

Once again we are celebrating our annual Safety Week. Every year, we take some extra time to focus on our company-wide safety practices and to recognize the role safety plays in strengthening our team and the work we do.

We believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the workplace safe. That’s why our motto – “Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.” – is part of our culture and is followed by our entire team. This motto is what inspires our employees during Safety Week and in their everyday activities.

To kick off, we launched our annual Safety Week presentation. It serves as a reminder of the importance of safety to our entire organization and how each and every one of us contributes to our culture of safety. It also updates everyone on our performance over the past year. The video is available to our employees both during and after Safety Week so they can access it anytime and anywhere.

During the week, we also paused to reflect on our core values: a sense of team, urgency, caring and understanding, and entrepreneurial spirit with our employees, customers and community. We recognize that each value incorporates safety and teamwork, which are implemented in our lives onsite and offsite. Each morning during Safety Week, the NSTAR ops team met with their team members for discussions focused on safety, which was also discussed during our morning team huddles.

So what is the secret to an accident-free workplace? A safe workforce.

Before stepping into a customer’s semiconductor fabrication facility, our employees receive proper training to ensure they are aware of and understand all safety regulations and know the causes of foreseeable accidents, so we can prevent them.

At NSTAR, we offer continuous safety training to our employees to support their daily work. Ongoing training is one of the best ways to prevent severe accidents and injuries. With the advancing semiconductor industry, we offer evolving safety programs for every semiconductor project, individualizing them for every employee. These program updates ensure a safe working environment for current and future jobs.

Safety must always be taken into consideration, wherever we are. Whether you work in the semiconductor industry, engineering, construction, or in an office, the following tips will help keep you and your team safe.

Safety Tips in the Workplace:

  • Inform supervisors of unsafe conditions
  • Use equipment, machines, and tools properly
  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Prevent slips and trips
  • Keep work areas and emergency exits clear
  • Eliminate fire hazards
  • Avoid tracking hazardous materials
  • Prevent objects from falling
  • Use correct posture when lifting
  • Take work breaks from time to time

These tips were only a fraction of the week’s most significant takeaways. Employees from their respective sites gathered to discuss these tips, best practices, and proactive actions to eliminate potential risks in the workplace.

Although we officially recognized safety last week, the fact is, every week is safety week at NSTAR. Whether working in our headquarters, our Boise facility, or a client’s fab, putting safety first is our number-one priority.