Graphene Wrinkles Create Semiconductor Behavior
The tip of the scanning tunneling microscope (in yellow-orange) is moved over the graphene and the nanowrinkleGraphene might be the flattest material known to humanity, but it isn’t actually that flat. Like many things that are flat in theory it is prone to crinkling and wrinkling. This can be a problem, but it now also seems that it can be an opportunity. Researchers at RIKEN, the Japanese applied research organization, have found that when graphene wrinkles, this changes the way that electrons pass through the material.

Semiconductor Leaders Collaborate with Governments

Semiconductor industry leaders last week met with governments from around the world at the 16th annual Governments/Authorities Meeting on Semiconductors. Meeting participants discussed and reached agreement on policy recommendations encompassing a range of international trade initiatives that will strengthen the semiconductor, electronics, and technology industries in the United States and around the world.

Lattice and Leopard Imaging Deliver USB 3.0 Camera
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation announced that its MachXO3 FPGA and USB 3.0 sensor bridge reference design are integrated in a new USB 3.0 camera module from Leopard Imaging. The MachXO3 FPGA and the USB 3.0 sensor bridge reference design work together to convert the subLVDS video signal from the image sensor used in the module to a parallel format that can interface with the camera’s USB 3.0 controller. The ability to convert the video signal to a format compatible with the USB controller allows the embedded camera module to be used in a wide variety of industrial systems.
Seoul Package-less LED Gaining Traction in Lighting Market
Chung Hoon Lee, CEO of world’s leading LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor announced that Wicop, following its massive success in LCD backlighting applications, is experiencing rapid adoption in the global lighting market.

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Flexible Spinal Implant May Be Paralysis Treatment

Spinal implants are currently too stiff, causing inflammation and eventual rejection, but a new implant from Switzerland takes care of that problem. The new implant is called e-Dura. By using elastic silicone and cracked gold wiring, researchers were able to give it flexibility comparable to that of the nerve tissue surrounding it.

Walmart Wants Amazon-like Delivery Drones

Walmart has become the latest U.S. retailer to ask for permission to test drones for making deliveries to customers in its parking lots and at customers' homes, following the lead of Amazon and smaller companies seeking exemptions from government drone rules. Walmart is using drones in an effort to create a more efficient supply chain.

Insect-sized RoboBee Robot Can Now Fly and Swim

RoboBee is the first-ever aerial and aquatic capable insect-scale robot
Usually, when you dunk a tiny flying robot in the water you end up with a tiny sinking robot. Engineers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science want to change that with the RoboBee, which has claimed the title of the first insect-insect sized robot that can swim as well as fly.
DMM are issuing a product recall, subject to user inspection. This document details the products that are affected by the recall and contains instructions to identify whether or not an affected product should be returned to DMM.

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NSTAR can provide installation/startup on fully managed turnkey programs that cover design, build, facilities, installation and full service support. From full fab projects down to single tool moves, no job is too big or small.
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Lam and KLA Merger Creates Semiconductor Powerhouse

Two of the world’s largest providers of tools used to make semiconductor chips are set to join forces in a takeover deal valued at $10.6 billion. The combined entity, which will continue to be named Lam Research, would have annual sales in the region of $8.7 billion.

Toshiba to Sell Image Senor Business to Sony

Japan's Toshiba Corp said it will sell its image sensor business to Sony Corp and overhaul its unprofitable semiconductor businesses as it works to recover from a $1.3 billion accounting scandal. For Sony, the acquisition of Toshiba's image sensor business will further solidify its already dominant position in the industry.

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A growing number of companies are opting to meet job candidates via telephone or Skype for at least one interview. For some companies, this is now the only interview. What can be a cost-saving measure for them, could turn into a missed opportunity for you, if you aren’t ready.
How to Proofread Your Resume
Employers have very limited time to see if you are a better candidate than the hundreds of other applications they receive. Resumes that have a single spelling or grammatical error may be quickly thrown out, because the employer still has 299 other applicants (or more) that took the time to make sure their resume was completely error free. That is why proofreading your resume is incredibly important.
5 Smart Ways to Fill Employments Gaps in Your Resume

If you have been unemployed for longer than 6 months then you need to do something to fill the gap in your employment history. Not only will this reduce the negative perception employers often have of candidates who are unemployed for long periods, but it will also:

  • Boost your confidence and morale and make it less likely that you will feel useless and depressed
  • Give you the opportunity to grow your network and make useful contacts who can help you
  • Grow your skill set and experiences
  • Make you look like a proactive employee with self initiative, confidence, problem solving skills and adaptability

The Complete Job Interview Checklist

Job Interview Checklist
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