Lam Research's Etch Tech Pushing 3D Semiconductor Memory Production
Lam Research claims its Kiyo F Series conductor etch system is enabling volume production of 3D NAND flash and advanced DRAM by memory semiconductor manufacturers. Lam's technology helps in achieving tight critical dimension (CD) uniformity and control for 3D NAND and uniform etch depth for DRAM. The technology called Mixed-Mode Pulsing (MMP) is behind this achievement.

NXP to Sell Amplifier Unit for $1.8 Billion to China Partner

NXP Semiconductors NV is selling its radio-frequency power-amplifier unit to a Chinese joint venture partner for $1.8 billion in an attempt to get regulatory approval for its acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor Ltd. The sale is part of a bid to avoid NXP getting a too high market share in communication chips after the Freescale takeover.

Linde Receives Supplier of the Year Award from Fairchild

Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases has received the 2014 Gas Supplier of the Year award from Fairchild Semiconductor, a leading global supplier of high-performance semiconductor solutions. The award recognizes Linde for the supply of both cylinder and bulk gases to several Fairchild operations in the U.S. and around the world.

ON Semiconductor Becomes a Member of Thread Group

ON Semiconductor has become a member of the Thread Group - an industry organization dedicated to market education and product certification for Thread, a low-power, wireless mesh networking protocol designed to easily and securely connect hundreds of devices in the home. This move underlines the company's commitment to implementing Internet of Things technology across all key application areas.

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NSTAR Sees the World

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Using Embedded Technology to Help Us Perform Better

PSFK Report finds that digital technologies are helping us optimize our days, allowing us to accomplish more with less time and effort. Whether it is at work, playing sports or gaming with friends, people are always trying to think up new ways of performing better. Traditionally the approach was 'practice makes perfect,' however new technologies are giving us an edge on how to manage and improve performance.

NC State University to Launch Online Solar Energy Marketplace

NC State University's Clean Energy Technology Center has launched a new effort designed to make it easier for homeowners and businesses to buy into the rooftop solar energy market. The technology center has partnered with EnergySage Inc. to launch an online marketplace where potential customers can receive bids from vendors with experience in installing solar panel systems.

Eye Tracking Technology Makes for Safer Drivers

Advanced eye tracking technology, developed by Edith Cowan University, has previously been used to train paramedics to access risks in highly hazardous scenarios. Shawsett Safety and Training managing director Steve Shaw says the technology will result in massive reductions in driver training course duration from three weeks to three hours.


Signs, tags, and color codes are used on construction sites to warn employees of hazardous conditions and help them in case of an emergency. For signs to be effective they must be understood by the workforce they are trying to inform.

SEMICON West 2015

In the true collaborative spirit of the M+W Group, partner companies M+W U.S., Total Facility Solutions, NSTAR Global Services and Gehrlicher Solar will team up once again to showcase our collective offering at SEMICON West 2015. Our unique, integrated delivery, turnkey approach continues to bring customers success through rapid, flexible and cost-effective solutions.
Looking to learn more? Join us at the Impress Lounge @ B Bar, located atop Moscone's North Hall, where management representatives from each company will be on hand to meet with you personally.


Employers, What can NSTAR do for you?
Equipment Relocation Services

Be it a complete fab move or single-tool relocation, no job is too big or small for NSTAR. Our reputation as a trusted, reliable tool relocation specialist is second to none in our industry.
NSTAR will manage the total move logistics including:

  • Pre shut down assessment of the tool
  • Decontamination
  • De-installation
  • Rigging and Crating
  • Transportation
NSTAR has successfully completed several full-fab deinstallations, plus a large number of smaller projects and single tool moves, throughout Asia, Europe and North America. For more information contact  Client Services now.

Semiconductor Chip Made of Wood

Portable electronics - typically made of non-renewable, non-biodegradable and potentially toxic materials - are discarded at an alarming rate in consumers' pursuit of the next best electronic gadget. In an effort to alleviate the environmental burden of electronic devices, a team of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers has collaborated with researchers in the Madison-based U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Products Laboratory to develop a surprising solution: a semiconductor chip made almost entirely of wood.
A cellulose nanofibril (CNF) computer chip rests on a leaf. Photo: Yei Hwan Jung, Wisconsin Nano Engineering Device Laboratory

Senate Approval of TPA a Big Win for Semiconductor Industry

The U.S. Senate approved bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority legislation that would foster free trade, promote job creation, and spur growth in the semiconductor industry and throughout the U.S. economy. SIA applauds the Senate for passing this much-needed legislation and urges the House of Representatives to move quickly to do the same. The U.S. semiconductor industry is particularly dependent on free trade because our companies rely heavily on a global network of materials and equipment suppliers, R&D providers, customers, and other stakeholders.

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What Does Your Profile Picture Tell Employers?

You may think that uploading silly photographs of yourself to your social media accounts is just a bit of fun and games, but with 90% of employers now recruiting through social media, you may be at risk of damaging your chances of being hired.

Top Resume Formats in 2015

An outdated resume is a reliable way to wind up not being considered by hiring managers or recruiters. If you're right for your role, your resume has to convey that fact. Including resume keywords and relevant skills is a crucial part of the process. Having the right resume format matters, too. Make sure that your resume says "2015" rather than "1995."

Four Ways to Rid Pre-Interview Stress

According to a study by Everest College, 92% of job seekers find the most nerve-wracking part of the job-search process is the interview. An interview is simply a conversation, and if a candidate is prepared and practices as they would for any other challenge in their life, it will help reduce some of that pre-interview anxiety.

Economists Offer Job Market Tips to 2015 Grads

Millennials, America’s favorite generation to hate, have racked up a lot of problems since the last recession. They’ve tallied obscene amounts of student debt. Rents are soaring. They’re short on cash to buy homes. And a fast-changing job market has them rethinking how to earn their pay. As graduation season gets underway, Bloomberg asked economists what career advice they could offer to the newest pack of millennials joining the workforce.