Samsung to Invest $23 Billion in South Korea Semiconductor Facility
With adoption of smart gadgets on the rise, the use of memory chips inside most daily electronic devices becoming de rigueur, Samsung is betting big on the future of the semiconductor industry. Last year, Samsung committed to spending around $14 billion on building a new production facility in Pyeongtaek, near Seoul, South Korea. Now they have decided that they will invest a further $9.2 billion on construction and capacity expansion as it wants to be prepared for the future demand for DRAM chips and NAND Flash chips.

Moore's Law Turns 50

Gordon E Moore, the man responsible for giving the semiconductor industry that much needed boost, came up with a theory 50 years ago that came to be known as Moore’s law. The prediction was made in 1965 when an electronic magazine asked Moore to describe the future of the transistor industry. Moore looked at the chips being used at that time and after a thorough analysis came to the conclusion that the industry would double these every year.

Joint Israeli-NASA Team Achieve Semiconductor Breakthrough

A recent joint project of Applied Materials Israel and NASA has led to a breakthrough in ultraviolet light photo detectors. In the course of their research, the team developed photo detectors with a quantum efficiency of 100 percent. The subject interests both groups because the new detectors will allow NASA to carry out astronomical research in space with higher levels of accuracy and to develop more precise telescopes, and they’ll help Applied Materials improve the efficiency of metrology systems that measure the production processes of semiconductors.

Making Organic Semiconductors More Efficient

A team from the University of Bath, collaborating with scientists in Germany and The Netherlands, is addressing some of the existing problems associated with using organic semiconductors, traditionally less efficient at conducting electricity. The idea is that such techniques could lead to less power hungry LED TVs and flexible solar cells that are cheaper to make and take less energy to produce.

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Solar Power Turns Saltwater Drinkable

There's more than enough freshwater on Earth for humans to survive - but the problem is that it isn't very well-distributed. Northerly and equatorial countries have loads of it, but those in between are growing increasingly parched. To address this issue, the United States Agency for International Development launched a competition to create an affordable desalination system. The winners of this competition, a team from MIT, created a system that uses solar panels to charge batteries, which then are used to draw dissolved salt particles out of the water. As well as pulling out the salt, the team exposed the water to ultraviolet light - which destroys bacteria and makes it safer to drink.

Recycling Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

For years, sports fans have been told to put their glass bottles and aluminum cans in recycling bins at arenas and stadiums. Now, a growing number of teams, eager to cut costs, are asking them to toss their food and biodegradable cutlery, trays and cups in separate bins, too.

China to Force Toyota to Build Electric Cars

Toyota has been more than abundantly clear in its belief that the best approach to reducing fuel consumption and offering zero-emission vehicles lies in a combination of its present-day hybrids and future hydrogen fuel-cell cars. It no longer sells the RAV4 EV electric SUV whose powertrain was developed by then-partner Tesla Motors and sales of its plug-in Prius have fallen to a fraction of their previous heights. Now, it appears that Chinese regulators may force Toyota to build battery-electric vehicles anyway.

First Aid for Burns

Just the thought of being a burn victim is most unpleasant - but - as a construction worker you know that there are many opportunities for burn injuries to occur every day. Your job can bring you into contact with hot surfaces, flammable liquids, gasoline motors, torches, welding equipment, portable heaters, chemicals, electricity, and the sun and wind, all of which can cause burns. All burns are painful and the danger of infection must be addressed. Most burns require professional medical attention.

Safety Week 2015

Every year, more than 80,000 workers suffer an injury on construction job sites across the U.S. Any one incident is one too many. Life is too precious to not make safety the number one focus in the U.S. construction industry.

We know being safe every day on every job site crosses competitive boundaries. That's why we have banded together to create and celebrate the second US Industry Safety Week, running this year from Sunday May 3rd to Saturday May 9th.

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NSTAR can provide installation/startup on fully managed turnkey programs that cover design, build, facilities, installation and full service support. From full fab projects down to single tool moves, no job is too big or small.
NSTAR will manage the total project including:

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  • Facilitization
  • Tool hook up
  • Startup
  • Pass down to onsite engineers
  • Training
  • Maintenance support

NSTAR has completed countless installation projects large and small, throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. For more information contact  Client Services now.

Applied Materials - Tokyo Electron Merger Scrapped

U.S. manufacturer Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron Monday announced cancellation of their merger plan to create created a semiconductor giant with a market value of approximately $29 billion.

Microsemi Completes Acquisition of Vitesse

Microsemi Corp and Vitesse Semiconductor Corp have jointly announced that Microsemi's subsidiary LLIU100 Acquisition Corp has merged into Vitesse, completing Microsemi's acquisition of Vitesse under Section 251(h) of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware.

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Five Ways to Make Your First Resume Stand Out

In today's crowded job market, you need a resume that will help you stand out from the crowd. This is especially true for new graduates who are entering the workforce for the first time. For employers to give you a second look, your resume needs to summarize your skills, be targeted for the specific job you want and be error-free.

How to Brag Without Being Arrogant

Sales interviews often contain many questions about your achievements. In fact interviewing for a sales job is all about selling yourself. You need to be proud of your achievements and be able to speak about them openly and easily but not to the degree that makes you sound arrogant. By talking openly about your accomplishments, you have a greater chance of being remembered and not forgotten and that is critical during any sales job interview.

How to Clean Up Facebook Before a Job Interview

Did you know that 60% of people apparently stalk their ex partners on Facebook? Scary isn’t it. Have you ever searched for someone you don’t know or used to know to see what they look like now or what’s going on in their life? You’re not alone. Employers do this too, and they do it quite often. That’s why it’s important to make sure your Facebook account does not give a negative first impression to a potential employer that finds you on Facebook, and that means cleaning up your social media profile.

How to Ace a Skype Job Interview

In a time when more and more job seekers are willing and able to relocate for their career, video interviews are on the rise. It’s easier and cheaper to talk online than to travel to another city or even country, especially for the first round of interviews. Even though we’re used to interacting with computers and on chats, conducting a job interview over Skype is not as easy as it sounds. You completely rely on technology and being comfortable and confident in front of a screen takes a little practice.