Committing to a Proactive Safety Culture

August 19, 2019


Committing to a Proactive Safety Culture

Last month, we celebrated Safety Week at NSTAR Global Services. Inspired by our motto, “Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.” our employees across the globe participated in fun and meaningful activities to practice what we preach: We speak up when something is wrong. We aim to ensure workplace safety standards are being followed in every situation. We pride ourselves on our integrity.

Maintaining a safe environment is a core value honored by our entire team. It is relevant to every aspect of life, going beyond just the work environment. We believe workplace safety starts at home. So, to build a stronger and safer team, we go all out for Safety Week.

Safety Week brings a resurgence of fun traditions. We love to highlight these summer activities to show how safety is a special part of our company culture. Our team is passionate about it, and we want to encourage proactive behavior.

Team members competed to win a gift card from Target by entering their name in a drawing for each Safety Week event in which they took part. For example, we made a safety video, and those who participated gained entries into the drawing.

We also held our first Safety Selfie Contest at our corporate office. We asked the team to take selfies, following a list of parameters—similar to a scavenger hunt. For each selfie submitted, employees had additional entries into the drawing.

The list called for taking a selfie with …

  • the emergency exit sign closest to your workstation
  • a posted emergency evacuation route
  • the fire extinguisher closest to your workstation
  • someone you are staying safe for (family member, friend, co-worker, etc.)
  • any informational safety sign (wet-floor sign, etc.)
  • something you do to stay healthy/safe (healthy lunch, walking shoes, your recorded steps for the day, etc.)

Everyone loved this fun and educational new addition.

Throughout the week, all our employees gathered at their respective sites to review and share the week’s greatest takeaways. Participants in the week’s activities were rewarded with this year’s safety badge added to their lanyard, along with an NSTAR safety pen, featuring a miniature hard hat.

Each office has a banner signed by employees who pledge their commitment. The banners are put on display at our corporate office to show that, while our team is spread across the country, we collectively support our mission to create a safe workplace for all.

In reality, at NSTAR, every week is safety week. We thank our team for making this value a priority. To our readers outside of the company, how do you contribute to maintaining a safe work environment? We hope our Safety Week traditions inspire you to create new and fun traditions of your own.

By Antoine Marion, North America Operations Manager

NSTAR Team in Fort Collins, CO

NSTAR Team in Chandler, AZ.

NSTAR Team in Lehi, UT

NSTAR Team in Boise, ID.

NSTAR Team in Sunnyvale, CA