NSTAR Recognized as Patriotic Employer

July 28, 2015

NSTAR Global Services recently received recognition from the Department of Defense for being a patriotic employer after being nominated by an employee:

“I’m employed by NSTAR Global Services. The company provides technical resources to semiconductor companies and place people in projects around the world. I started to work for them in April 2011 with LAM Research in Austin, TX. A few months after my employment and three month of vendor training, I had to leave to start my basic training and AIT for about 6 months. Dan Rice provided a great deal of support and help with the transition. Because of his support at that time, I’m currently working again with the same customer and my professional career within the industry is moving forward.

Also, during the years of employment, Dan has helped me to fulfill my responsibilities as a soldier with my current and previous unit. He has been able to keep me employed and assign me to projects all over the US and overseas even with the time constrictions. I feel and know that he has been present, backing me up the whole time, even when I have been struggling with financial situations.

He supports me as a leader and allows me to take on roles where I’m able to expand my knowledge, experience and benefit the company. There are many situations that I could go in detail about how he helped and supported me in my career. I appreciate all of his efforts. I wish there were more companies with a management composed of people like him. I’m definitely lucky!”     – C. Solla