NSTAR Provides Work Environments Where Veterans Thrive; Here’s Why It Works

November 11, 2016

At NSTAR Global Services, we often reflect on our past projects and the variety of environments in which our men and women have worked to find patterns and trends that make us successful as a company. As Veterans Day approaches, it’s a great time to note that one proven and consistent trend we’ve observed is that veterans of the armed forces are well-suited to positions within the semiconductor industry, in particular the fab floor, as well as complicated construction sites.

While on the surface it may not be clear why these environments are ideal matches for men and women who have served in the military, looking beyond the differences and complexities will unveil many similarities between them. I have highlighted some of these synergies, as well as ways we help support our veterans as they continue along this career path.

With technology more prevalent than ever, NSTAR is heading into its third year of continued growth and expansion in the semiconductor industry. One challenge that comes along with this growth is the scarcity of skilled workers. Veterans fill this niche nicely.

By Hardev Grewal, Vice President of Business Development, NSTAR Global Services

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