Incident Injury-Free Culture
Choice or Compliance

For an Incident Injury-Free Culture to be successful, we must choose to work safe each and every day. Safety is in our choices and our behavior.
So what is the difference between working safely because we are choosing to and working safely because we have to?

Here are a few examples of some difference of choosing to do something because it is what you value and having to do something because someone is telling you to.

Action by Choice

  • Individual has the power to choose
  • Responsible for consequences “I wanted to do it”
  • Not easily influenced once made
  • Driven by our own value set
  • Credible for making the right choice
  • The performance bar can be raised, source of pride and accomplishment
Action by Compliance
  • Comply due to consequences
  • Blame for consequence can be misdirected, “you made me do it...
  • Behavior can be easily influenced
  • Driven by someone else’s priorities
  • Lack of credibility for outcome, “That’s just what you’re supposed to do”