Back Safety

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million workers suffer from back injuries each year.
Preventing back injuries is a major challenge to employers as back injuries account for one out of every five workplace injuries and illnesses. Four out of five of these injuries were to the lower back, and three out of four occurred while lifting. This problem produces pain and discomfort to employees and can have a dramatic change in their productivity and lifestyles. Even the simple act of bending to pick up a pencil or screwdriver can cause injury. Although no approach has completely eliminated such injuries, using proper lifting techniques can cut the amount of injuries suffered by workers.
Four helpful lifting techniques are listed below. Remember, it’s always better to lift in teams to prevent back injury. Don’t lift anything that is too heavy for one person to lift.

Golfer's Lift
Lean one hand on stick, chair, box, etc. Pivot forward from the hips. Raise opposite leg behind you.

Squat Lift
Squat. Head up. Back arched. Feet spread. One foot ahead as you lift.

Power Lift
Partial squat. Head up. Back arched. Feet spread. One foot ahead as you lift.

Tripod Lift
Knee on the ground. Head up. Slide object to mid-thigh. Both forearms under object. Extend legs with back straight.