Test Your Safety Knowledge

1. Which is not one of the four fundamentals to safe lifting?
a) Twist as much as possible
b) Keep the load close
c) Keep the curves in your back
d) Stagger your stance
e) Build a bridge
2. In which picture is the driver utilizing proper lifting techniques?
a) #1           b) #2

3. It is much easier on your back to put a box down than to lift it up?
a) True        b) False
4. Twisting your back while lifting can be minimized by shifting your feet to turn your body.
a) True        b) False

5. When driving for long periods, which item is not helpful for protecting your back?
a) Adjusting the seat properly
b) Jumping down from the truck
c) Stopping and lightly stretching
d) Changing your body position in the seat periodically

6. It is important to have how many points of contact when getting on and off equipment?
a) 1 point              b) 2 points              c) 3 points              d) 4 points
7. Jumping off equipment is ok if you are warmed up?
a) True                  b) False
8. What can occur when jumping off equipment?
a) Extra pressure is placed on the back
b) You save a lot of time
c) You risk sprains and fractures
d) a and c
9. When completing everyday tasks it is important to?
a) Warm-up your muscles
b) Get assistance or use mechanical aids if possible
c) Use proper lifting techniques
d) All of the above
10. Flatbed drivers need to use extra caution when:
a) Climbing on and off the trailer
b) Walking on trailer decks
c) Tarping loads
d) Tightening binders
e) All of the above

1. a     2. a     3. b     4. a     5. b     6. c     7. b     8. d     9. d     10. e