Maximize the Life Cycle of Your Assets in 2020

January 06, 2020

By: Darrell McDaniel

2019 was a strong year for NSTAR® Global Services as we augmented our service offerings and saw growing acceptance as a true partner to our customers. In our first full year as an independent organization following our divestiture in 2018, we met all our forecasted expectations. Our belief that being independent would allow us much more flexibility in how we work with customers was validated and embraced by the industry. We also undertook an internal reorganization to ensure that every member of our team has a well-defined role and responsibilities such that we are individually and collectively accountable internally––and for our customers. We’ve seen solid business growth this year and see even more potential over the next few years—it’s a very exciting time for NSTAR.

Maintaining a safe environment is a core value practiced by our entire team. We work hard to live our motto: “Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.” To NSTAR, this means we speak up when something is wrong. We aim to ensure workplace safety standards are being followed in every situation. We pride ourselves on our integrity. We are always engaging in new approaches to ensure zero recordable incidents—one of our foundational goals for 2020.

So, what’s in store for 2020? Current industry predictions for 2020 are cautiously optimistic, but the global geopolitical uncertainty makes everyone aware that the situation can always change quickly. With the current low unemployment rate, one of the major challenges for our business is the lack of trained talent. NSTAR has implemented a variety of methods to combat this challenge. Throughout the year, our recruiting staff has received strategic training opportunities to strengthen its search for potential candidates. This is part of a larger plan to take active steps in the procurement and training of our internal talent to set NSTAR apart from the competition. Other in-house training curriculums are in development to certify new college grads, veterans and trade school candidates in the basics, in order to flatten the learning curve and inject more talent into the mix.

In the semiconductor industry, you hear a lot these days about 5G, artificial intelligence and industry 4.0. We are seeing our customers making investments to support these emerging technologies, which in turn drives demand for our services. We see significant opportunity with new lines ramping and as facilities and assets change hands.

To more effectively manage these opportunities, we are shifting to Asset Life Cycle Management and a services-driven model. What won’t change is our commitment to our customers, to safety and to maximizing value. What will change is that we’ll be rolling out defined service offerings: NSURE™ Asset Relocation Services, NSITE™ Facility Management Services, NSHIELD™ Equipment Services and NSOURCE™ Direct Hire Services. We have set aggressive targets for 2020, by any standard, and see the largest opportunities in our NSURE Asset Relocation and NSITE Facility Management services.

Together, these services allow us to deliver insightful and flexible services that efficiently solve our customers’ challenges. Working with NSTAR means you have the right capability at the right time to maximize the value of your assets—whether it be tools, facilities or human resources—with the greatest care and expertise. We commit to working with our customers to build strong relationships, listen to their needs and problems, create differentiated and compelling solutions, and deliver constant innovation to address our customers’ needs.

We look forward to rolling out our new service model in 2020 and to continue building our reputation in high tech manufacturing for trust, and the ability to deliver on our promises and comprehensive asset lifecycle management.

Cheers to 2020!