Keeping Your Assets Intact and on Track

October 21, 2020


By Tim Hare, COO

Here at NSTAR®, we have always done business in alignment with our core values, which include focusing on our employees, our customers, our community and our growth. With our entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve created solutions like the plastic shield for health care professionals, which we shared this spring. Listening to our customers and continually innovating with their needs in mind is at the core of how we operate.

In fact, we developed our most recent solution to address a need from our customers: the ability to access the status of equipment moved under our NSURESM asset relocation services in real time. To achieve this, our team has implemented custom in-house tracking software that uses QR coding. The product management tool, called NSURE TrackSM, gives our customers a friendly and intuitive platform on which to easily monitor the status of their equipment move.

Though QR technology itself isn’t new, we’ve been able to implement it in a new way to support our people and operations. NSURE Track offers customers the ability to track overall project status, granularity to see individual milestones and directly download relevant documents for each tool. These documents include tool reports, photographs, contamination testing reports, packing lists and more.  Additionally, the tracker is configurable, so we work with our customers to customize the software offering to milestones that meet their specific project requirements.

NSURE Track has been designed to support all phases of relocation projects. Each customer receives their own login credentials to view updates along the way. The tool’s straightforward interface is easy to understand quickly, unlike other software tools that may take months to master. NSURE Track allows complete customizing of the milestones to match their equipment/process needs, monitor the completion rate in real time, all leveraging QR codes for each piece of equipment.

Each stage of the moving process has milestones, so we create a project plan that aligns with them, so customers can better understand and monitor their asset’s relocation journey. NSURE Track easily scales so under a single scope, the system can handle equipment quantities ranging from one to thousands, each with its own QR coded labeling.

In terms of project management, NSURE Track also streamlines our communication with customers, because photos, documents and certifications are all in one place. And when the move is completed, these materials remain in the system to provide a clear view of the project history and related activities. Offering full transparency complemented by clear communications from our team alleviates worry, providing a meaningful customer experience.

With every move looking a little bit different, and each taking a different amount of time, our customers can rest easy knowing this new tool is at their fingertips, so that each unique move is successful. If you’re interested in working with us for your next asset relocation project, please reach out to Andy Jones, Director of Asset Relocation,