Get to know NSTAR’s North American Sales Director: Kaven DeShane

May 03, 2022

An Interview with Kaven DeShane

Tell us a bit about your background. What sales experience do you bring to NSTAR?

I have more than three decades of experience in the semiconductor industry. I started with Applied Materials on March 6th, 1989, and I worked there for almost 33 years. All that time was on the customer service side, from installing and working on the tools, managing field operations, developing service products, and selling to the customers. I have worked directly with sales and customers for the last ten years to create service packages and close service deals.


What led you to NSTAR, and why did the company stand out to you?

In 2005, I partnered with NSTAR by using them as a contractor for a service agreement and have watched NSTAR grow to its current company ever since. With the unprecedented growth in the semiconductor industry in North America, I know NSTAR is in a great position to succeed. It is a company where I can contribute my experience and knowledge to help make a positive impact on the company and our customers.


What are some of your goals in your role at NSTAR, and how do you intend to develop and achieve them?

My goals are to continue building relationships and engaging with NSTAR customers to help them thrive and succeed with the correct services, whether it is our customer workforce or service solution. I envision NSTAR as one of the leading service providers for IDM and OEM customers with facilities and equipment services.


In your opinion, what qualities make up a great person in sales?

There are several attributes that help people succeed in sales, here are some qualities that I believe are important:

  • Cares about the customers’ wants and needs
  • Listens to what the customer has to say
  • Communicates well and with honesty
  • Finds solutions that benefit both parties
  • Works hard
  • Ambition


What do you enjoy most in your type of work?

Being a part of the most incredible industry because semiconductor technology impacts and improves our way of life worldwide. I’m able to make a positive impact on NSTAR employees and our customers.


What’s one professional achievement you feel especially proud of?

I am most proud of building and selling semiconductor industry services, products and solutions for customers because it allows them to succeed with their operations. I am proud to know that the ultimate end products using semiconductors will enhance many aspects of life, from human enjoyment to medical needs. I have a family member who can physically function today because of the work we do in this industry.


Which company values align with your personal values?

All of NSTAR’s values align with my own values, with the top being employee and customer focus. With our values in mind, we have built a strong team of accountable employees that are passionate for everything they do. They are committed to our customers, listen to their needs and problems, and design solutions to address their challenges, which is the key to building strong relationships and achieving success.


If you had 48 hours and an unlimited budget to do anything you wanted in the world, what would you do?

I would try to build as much housing as possible in 48 hours to shelter the homeless. I believe that giving back to the community is important.