Els Didn’t Choose Finance, Finance Chose Els

June 29, 2022

Woman with brown hair

Els Teunen joined NSTAR Global Services as Director of Finance in March 2022. She brings over 25 years of experience in finance, including accounting, financial planning and analysis.

Els has big plans for NSTAR; she has already developed a new monthly financial report to establish more strategic reporting. She believes transparency can build trust across the entire team.

Finance is more than just digging into numbers; it’s about creating a story one can share with their team. That’s why Els’ vision for NSTAR is to create valuable data-driven reports that provide the management team with the insight needed to make strategic decisions.

Els enjoys strategizing scenarios by understanding the numbers and translating them into reports—crunching numbers gives her energy. And with her experience in handling unforeseen financial events, Els has learned to always question what is in front of her to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Although Els has a lengthy background in the financial field, it was not her original course of study. Growing up in Belgium, Els had to choose her major at the age of 18, as was common in Europe. Forced to decide on an academic path at such a young age, Els pursued sociology and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

It wasn’t until Els moved to the United States in 1995 that she started her financial career in accounting, and ultimately found her passion for numbers. Wanting to further her skill set, Els received an MBA from the University of Louisville and became a certified public accountant in the state of North Carolina.

She took her financial abilities to the health care industry and spent over 25 years in various global organizations, including Veritas Collaborative in Durham, North Carolina; Antwerp Management School in Antwerp, Belgium; Cornerstone Health Services Group in Cary, North Carolina; and, Atria Senior Living in Louisville, Kentucky.

Even though Els hasn’t worked in the semiconductor industry before, she knew she wanted to take on this position at NSTAR. “I see a lot of potential within the semiconductor industry,” said Els. “This industry is changing, and I am open to a challenge.”

With Els on NSTAR’s management team, we believe our success will continue to grow and create a better future for our company.