The Perfect Fit: A NSTAR Direct-Hire Success Story

June 04, 2019

With a growing global talent shortage across the board, including the industrial manufacturing and technology sectors, we decided to use our internal resources to provide a solution. We recently launched our direct-hire program. You can read more about it in a previous blog post.

So far, the initiative is successful. Since we are all about our people, rather than provide statistical data, we thought we’d share a success story.

The Client Perspective

Unable to find qualified candidates using traditional hiring methods, Will Newton, president of Trimm, Inc. the leading provider for DC power distribution products for the communications network, turned to NSTAR. Will was impressed with our deep talent pool. As well as the preparation we put into screening our candidates to find the perfect fit.

“NSTAR researches your needs and provides candidates that not only possess the technical qualifications but can work well with the rest of your team,” he said. “We advertised using more conventional methods while also using NSTAR and the candidates from NSTAR always worked out better.”

The Candidate Perspective

Fresh out of college, Ryan Richtmeyer, hardware design engineer, was ready to launch his career. Although he wasn’t sure about going through a staffing solutions provider, it was appealing to him that NSTAR was a local company. Ultimately making them familiar with the region, and what it had to offer in terms of employment opportunities.

When he began working with NSTAR, Ryan was impressed with the level of communication maintained by his representative, Jimmy Hill.

“Jimmy was great at interpreting and conveying the specifics of the positions he thought were a good match for me,” noted Ryan. “He also followed up with my references, and kept me up-to-date on developments, narrowing things down to the offer I accepted.”

He was also impressed with the effort Jimmy put in to build a relationship with Will Newton.

“Jimmy vouched for the integrity of the company owner and the company prior to my accepting the position,” he said. “At the time I was considering multiple offers, and Jimmy’s knowledge and opinion of the company ultimately lead to my final decision.”

Ryan is happy with his choice. He says he is learning a lot about the intricacies of the telecom industry, the regulations governing the design of Trimm’s products, and the best practices for adhering to those regulations while ensuring products are economical and practical to manufacture.

“Everyone at the company is friendly, helpful and welcomed me from the start,” said Ryan. “I look forward to a bright future of personal growth, and many more years of service at Trimm Inc.!”

NSTAR’s Perspective

Jimmy Hill has been leading our direct hire initiative since. He is especially pleased with the outcome of matching Ryan with Trimm Inc. “He is a great fit culturally. It was also gratifying to help a new college grad land such a great opportunity,” he said.

Even for a company like NSTAR, whose core business is providing technical talent, finding good candidates can be challenging. The combination of a record low unemployment rate and rapid company growth is making it harder to connect clients with qualified candidates.

“We are making dedicated efforts to hold routine calls and daily check-ins with clients and candidates,” said Jimmy. “Additionally, we have implemented a new candidate presentation process to make candidate review quicker and easier for our clients.”

Is Direct Hire Right for You?

For rapidly growing companies with full-time openings, NSTAR’s direct-hire option may be a more suitable choice than our other offerings. If you don’t have time or resources to identify candidates with specialized skill sets, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

By Elizabeth Prochaska