Direct Hire Offering Can Solve Technical Workforce Challenges

November 28, 2018


By Elizabeth Prochaska

Let’s face it: Good talent is hard to find. This is certainly true for today’s engineering and technical landscape. As a recent article in Semiconductor Engineering notes, the growing number of job openings, together with a dwindling pool of qualified candidates, has created a shortage of qualified workers that is threatening to undermine industry growth.

To help the industry cope with this challenging set of circumstances, NSTAR is highlighting a direct hire offering for our customers in technical and engineering markets.

How Did It Come to This?

Several factors have contributed to this situation, including a general drop in the unemployment rate, making it a job seeker’s market. Additionally, “cool” technology companies like Google and Apple are offering more attractive options for tech talent fresh out of college. These companies are also transitioning to vertically integrated business models, further drawing in design, engineering and manufacturing talent, making the climate even more competitive.

Corporate human resources departments with lean staffs have the task of filling anywhere between 10 and 30 openings at any given time. With limited access to talent databases, these departments are limited to either organic searches or paid databases, which require time and resources. Finding the right people to fill these positions can take months, leaving companies short-staffed.

How NSTAR Can Help

As a technical service and staffing provider, NSTAR has embraced this market challenge. We’ve created a direct hire option that customers can use in addition to our standard temporary service contracts.

In our company of 254 people, 24 hold corporate positions. The balance are skilled service technicians and engineers that are placed in the field at customer job sites. Working for our clients as NSTAR employees under service agreements has provided an efficient staffing solution for onboarding highly skilled talent within many of the high-tech sectors we serve.

With the direct hire option, we do all the legwork of finding the right candidate. When the search is over, the employee works for our client, rather than for NSTAR. You pay NSTAR a finder’s fee, and we provide a 90-day guarantee to ensure it’s a good fit. This is a risk-free option: You don’t pay us until you’ve selected your new hire from the pool of NSTAR-vetted candidates. Additionally, there’s no charge to the candidate.

How NSTAR’s Direct Hire Approach Works for You

We bring focused expertise to overcoming your hiring challenges. We have a technical candidate database of 150,000 people, and we maintain job-board platforms on all the leading placement sites, including CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn and more. Our dedicated team has logged 51 years of recruiting experience and has achieved a high rate of success.

A recent direct hire example we’re fond of highlighting: With a tight deadline, a client came to us after spending three weeks trying to find the right candidate for a particular position. In just three days, NSTAR found three qualified candidates for the company to choose from, exceeding the client’s expectations.

NSTAR is introducing this service to our technical and engineering customers in markets across the U.S. with plans to expand into other industries and regions. See our direct hire offering brochure for a concise breakdown of the possibilities.