Coming Together to Fight COVID-19

April 23, 2020

By: Darrell McDaniel

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we see the world as never before. With so much uncertainty, one of the only things we can, in fact, rely on is one another. In these times when help is needed more than ever, joining together to support our community gives our lives purpose and meaning. Understood within the context of our company’s focus areas and values, supporting the community means even more now.

One of our customers, located in Boise, Idaho, has a plastics shop team that includes some of our NSTAR® NSITESM facility services employees. Our customer has been actively reaching out to its local community to identify opportunities to make a positive difference. While there are stories being shared about mask making and food drives, the solution our customer’s company devised is a bit different, and this unique and innovative solution optimizes its plastic fabrication and welding skills for the greater good.

Every day, frontline medical professionals are risking their lives. Local hospitals recognized a significant need for additional protective gear. Specifically, they were interested in having a shield that would allow for patient care while protecting the medical staff. Our team agreed this would be a key piece of equipment to use to ensure safety for both the medical staff and patients. The shield needed to be designed in a way that would allow doctors and nurses to have the mobility to perform procedures and treatments.

In response, the plastics team set out to create a prototype of this protective shield. After experimenting with some different options, the initial design was shown to the medical staff. Excited to see the idea come to life, they were able to try it out and offer feedback to further enhance its capabilities. The sense of teamwork between the groups was strong, as they worked with urgency to create the right solution.

The plastics shop team and other support teams used this feedback to finalize the shield design. The hospitals loved the final product, and we are now seeing strong demand to quickly get these protective equipment shields sent to the hospitals.

We are proud that our NSTAR employees stepped up when their help is needed most. They have been flexible and collaborative with critical players in their local communities to protect those who are most vulnerable. Their direct impact will help save lives.

We want to recognize the team for stepping up to the plate, with their exceptional effort and laser focus to meet the hospitals’ needs. This team has shown constant dedication to meet demand. At our customer’s site, the team has been recognized at its highest level. Even in such difficult times, we look forward to helping our community, and finding new ways each day to do so. To Robert, Stacy, Tony, Bryan, Rick, Zach and Joel: Thank you!

The plastics shop team, with the final shield design. From left to right: Robert Pickens, Stacy Wager, Tony Forrer, Bryan Somerville, Rick Hollinger, Zach McKellar. Not pictured: Joel Lutz.