5 Most In-Demand Semiconductor Manufacturing Jobs at NSTAR

April 17, 2018

Semiconductor jobs at NSTAR

By Elizabeth Prochaska

The semiconductor industry is growing at a rapid rate, and has reached its highest peak in years. This is mainly due to an increase in fab equipment spending due to global fab expansions needed to keep up with capacity demand.

A key part of our company’s focus is placing technically skilled people in high-technology, or technology-adjacent, positions. Currently, we are experiencing high demand for certain semiconductor manufacturing jobs. These jobs are attractive for various reasons; they provide solid pay rates, offer varying degrees of compressed shifts and present an excellent opportunity for personal growth.

Filling these positions is no small task. This is why, at NSTAR, we are always on the lookout for potential new members to join our team of top engineers and technicians; people who uphold the required skills for these most in-demand jobs. We strive to set up our employees with great opportunities and provide them with the resources to help them grow and thrive in this field.

Here are the top five most in-demand semiconductor manufacturing jobs at NSTAR:


Field Service Engineer Level 1

NSTAR field service engineers maintain pumps and abatement systems within a semiconductor sub-fab. After going through on-the-job and formal training, our field service engineers put their mechanical skills to work, performing in-depth troubleshooting and repairing sub-fab equipment. This role provides our employees with the basics of the semiconductor industry and familiarizes them with a sub-fab environment.

Qualifications: An Associate of Science (AS) degree in electronics or mechanics, with electronics experience and/or military experience as an avionics technician, nuclear technician, electronics technician or a related role.

Pay Range: $18 to $21/hour


Gas & Chemical Technician

Gas & chemical technicians perform daily rounds at a customer site. They monitor all on-site chemical and gas delivery systems and equipment, which includes troubleshooting and performing maintenance and repairs on these systems. The technician is responsible for container change-outs, bottle deliveries, setup of analytical equipment, as well as managing cylinder inventories.

Qualifications: Our gas & chemical technicians are required to have a high school diploma, along with a technical degree or any relevant technical training. Individuals must be able to display knowledge in troubleshooting and electrical systems, and have the ability to work safely with hazardous gases and chemicals.

Pay Range: $18.50 to $23/hour


Field Service Engineer

When mechanical problems arise, our field service engineers spring into action. They are responsible for installing, sustaining, troubleshooting and repairing semiconductor equipment. As equipment experts, they are in charge of responding to any fab issues that may come up.

Qualifications: Our field service engineers should have previous experience in installing, sustaining and troubleshooting systems. They should have technical communications skills, as well as strong and effective written and verbal communications skills.

Pay Range: $25 to $35/hour


Decommissioning Field Service Engineer

NSTAR’s decommissioning field service engineers are responsible for removing and relocating multiple toolsets in a semiconductor fab. This role’s most important duty is to complete each project in a safe and secure manner while maintaining the quality of the equipment.

Qualifications: Previous experience with decommissioning is required for this position, as well as experience with electromechanical systems. A clear understanding of cleanroom protocol and the ability to effectively use hand tools, meters, scopes and other pertinent specialized equipment are needed.

Pay Range: $25 to $35/hour


Logistics Coordinator

Logistics coordinators are responsible for handling warehouse inventory within a manufacturing environment. Job candidates must be comfortable working with hazmat materials and have experience with shipping, receiving and performing inventory cycle counts. They also must be experienced with Microsoft Excel.

Qualifications: High school diploma with relevant experience is required.

Pay Range: $17 to $19/hour

NSTAR carefully selects candidates to support our diverse customer base of high-tech companies. Part of this approach is to bring awareness to the growing demand for different jobs in the industry. We want all of our employees to grow and develop into the stars we know they are. If you are looking to advance your career, we hope that knowing what jobs are the most in-demand and what skills they require will provide you with a sense of direction and ideas for where to focus your learning and growth.

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