IT, Telecom & Data Centers

NSTAR is a preferred partner when it comes to understanding and executing your next IT and/or telecom project. Our in-depth experience in providing staffing and logistics for data centers naturally extends our capabilities to include and successfully implement IT and telecom solutions. We proudly offer our staffing and asset management services to large-scale IT and telecom data centers.

Whether you need support on a short-term or long-term basis, our data center support includes construction, asset installations or relocations, and ongoing site maintenance.

Within the IT and telecom industries, uptime reliability is of the utmost importance, so project engineers and technicians staffed by NSTAR for this market are equipped to support facilities that exceed regulatory operating standards. Be it expansion, construction of traditional data centers, or development of an innovative containerized solution, our project managers and engineers bring years of international experience in meeting project requirements and sustained operational support.