High Tech Infrastructure and Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

NSTAR® provides highly skilled resources required for many of the world’s high-tech infrastructure projects and manufacturing facilities. NSTAR has a proven record in supplying semiconductor and related high-tech industries—like solar, LED and flat-panel display—with services to support production and equipment throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our core expertise is deeply rooted in the semiconductor industry, where we have served most major OEMs and an extensive list of IDMs for almost 20 years.

With our portfolio of service offerings, we can support high-tech facilities from ramp-up, to decommissioning and everything in between. We leverage our vast network of qualified engineers and technicians to meet your project needs.

  • Our teams are experts at maintaining the process-critical infrastructure necessary for any high-tech operation in every market we serve. Whether it’s construction personnel for new facilities, process engineers for manufacturing, or management of current operations, NSTAR is guaranteed to bring you the best solution to meet any project requirement.
  • We also support asset relocation and maintenance for many of the highly complicated tools and equipment required for high-technology manufacturing and operations. Our ability to provide turnkey project management execution provides maximum value to our clients.

Today our expanded portfolio of services targets OEMs, fabs and brokers alike, with solutions for equipment, manufacturing, facilities management and asset relocation services. All of this is made possible by our team, which comprises the top industry talent.