Advanced Technology Facilities

Semiconductor/Solar/LED/Flat-Panel Display

NSTAR has a proven record in supplying the semiconductor and related industries like solar, LED, and flat-panel display, with skilled technical staffing resources to support production and equipment throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our years of experience, combined with an excellent reputation and strong client relationships, ensure a highly qualified support team for your equipment and facilities operations.

Today our expanded portfolio of solutions targets OEMs, fabs and brokers alike with staffing solutions for equipment, facilities and construction management services as well as asset relocation services. While our unique value chain applies to many industries, our expertise is deeply rooted in the semiconductor industry, where we have served most major OEMs and an extensive list of IDMs for over 10 years. Collectively, our executive team has decades of hands-on involvement in the semiconductor and related manufacturing industries, giving us the proven ability to find the right resources and manage complex projects, ensuring flexibility, rapid realization and cost-effective solutions.

Our goal is to support your business in maintaining your advanced production equipment and facilities for semiconductor manufacturing. Whether it is tool installation, equipment maintenance support or tool decommissioning at the end of a life cycle, we can support you. We also offer facilities support services as well as construction management services, covering all aspects of fab management and production.