NSTAR® Job Seeker Information:

  • What are Contract positions, and how do they work?
    Our NSTAR Contract positions can vary in duration from just a few days (for instance, for an equipment installation), to ongoing contracts which don’t have a set end date. We have many employees who have been on the same assignment with NSTAR for years at a time. We offer our field employees competitive salaries and a full array of benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401K, life insurance, vacation days, paid holidays, bi-weekly paychecks, and more! We can scout work for you within your hometown, or send you on multiple assignments across the country or around the world. We will take care of all necessary travel arrangements and accommodations, in addition to many work-related expenses. See Open Jobs
  • What are Temp-to-Hire positions, and how do they work?
    Temp-to-Hire positions are positions which start out as contract assignments, and after a pre-determined amount of time, become permanent positions with NSTAR’s client company. While on your temporary assignment, you will receive all the benefits listed above in the Contract positions section. Once you switch over, and become a permanent employee of the client company, you will be eligible for all benefits provided by that company. Temp-to-Hire positions are a great way to get your foot in the door of leading companies around the world. These companies often do not hire permanent employees directly, without first testing their technical aptitude, communication skills, and ability to work in teams. Read More About Our NSOURCESM Direct Hire Services
  • What are Direct Hire (Permanent) positions, and how do they work?
    • Direct Hire positions (or permanent positions) are offered when our clients need to hire a new team member directly to their company.
    • We will assist you in the interviewing process, and provide services such as:
      • Resume tips and revisions
      • Interview scheduling and preparation
      • Salary negotiation
    See Open Jobs
  • Must I apply for positions, or will NSTAR search for other jobs for me without me applying to specific positions?
    • Quick answer is, no, you do not have to apply for specific positions.  NSTAR will contact you if we have an opening that we think your skills and experience are a match for, and that you would be interested in hearing about.
    • However, applicants do receive priority consideration.  This means that if you apply to a position of interest to you, you increase your chances of being contacted about it, and being contacted more quickly. After all applicants are reviewed, we will open the candidate pool to consider the rest of our Job Seekers.
    • We encourage all Job Seekers to visit our Open Jobs page regularly and apply for positions for which you are qualified and interested in.  Our positions change frequently, so visit often!
    Read Our Job Hunting Tips
  • What is the Online Job Seeker Registration, and why should I fill it out?
    • After registering or applying, you will be asked to complete (or update) your Online Job Seeker Registration. (Make sure to add the nstarglobalservices.com domain to your safe sender list in your email account to ensure that you receive our follow up emails!)
    • This registration is designed to help our recruiters identify your skills and experience in regards to current and future open positions. It allows you to specify what you are looking for in a position so our team can contact you only for positions you would be interested in hearing about.
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  • How do I update my resume, contact info, current employment, or other information?
    • You may review or update job seeker information already in your Job Seeker Profile by accessing your Online Job Seeker Registration page.
    • After applying to an NSTAR position, or registering with us on our site, you will receive an email verifying your actions have been received.  These emails will include a link to your personal Job Seeker Registration page.
    • Since each Job Seeker has a unique link to your specific online registration, we cannot provide it here.
    • Look in previous emails sent from NSTAR to find your registration Link.  If you are unable to find it, please email customerservice@nstargs.comand ask for your link to be resent.
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