Faces of NSTAR

Please select one of our employees to get to know them

John Naylor | Boise, ID
Tool Crib Operator
NSTAR Highlight:

It is an honor to be part of the NSTAR team, where I enjoy collaborating with customers to repair their malfunctioning tools and restore them to working order in a timely fashion. Working at NSTAR has allowed me to incorporate skills and experience I acquired as a young adult repairing electronics as a hobby, and turn them into a fulfilling career in the semiconductor industry.

Tommy Sapien | Chandler, AZ
Resource Engineer
NSTAR Highlight:

As a resource engineer, I use my leadership and technical skills to install, modify and qualify machines used in high tech manufacturing. Currently, I am working with engineers to perform preventive maintenance on production tools. An extra benefit to working with NSTAR is the travel; high tech manufacturing is happening around the globe and it is vital that we respond quickly to client requests, regardless of location.

Dentray Washington | Austin, TX
Gas & Chemical Technician

What inspires you to succeed every day?
"Knowing that my work counts and that my team depends on me to be safe and to meet our objectives."

What educational and recreational accomplishments prepared you most for the work you do today for NSTAR?
"While attending Texas A&M University, I took multiple engineering courses that helped me understand different gases and chemicals. These classes helped guide my career into the semiconductor industry (and subsequently, NSTAR), where I have gained many years of experience in a rewarding, in-demand profession."

Chelsea Maroe | Boise, ID
Document Control Coordinator
NSTAR Highlight:

NSTAR offers an inspirational environment along with exciting cultural opportunities that characterize my unique career aspirations. I’m excited to be part of a pivotal administrative group responsible for facilitating the construction of a state-of-the-art research and development cleanroom. The opportunity to work on a project with such a complex scope of work offers boundless learning possibilities in the semiconductor industry.

Elizabeth Prochaska | Garner, NC
Recruiting Manager
NSTAR Highlight:

The greatest benefit of working at NSTAR is its family-like atmosphere. Yes, we are a global company, but we all work as a close-knit team, from the corporate level to our field engineers and technicians placed around the globe. I have developed valuable relationships throughout my time with NSTAR and truly feel as though my co-workers are my work family. I also love how service-oriented our company is; giving back to the community as a company by supporting Habitat for Humanity, which, coincidentally is also a great team building activity.

John Garza | Santa Clara, CA
Project Manager
NSTAR Highlight:

As a Project Manager, I utilize my management & technical skills on a daily basis. I am currently a key player in the construction of a state-of-the-art data center featured in the Wall Street Journal, Data Center Dynamics, Data Center Frontier. The project has set numerous industry records with respect to energy efficiency & power density.

Felicia Hinton | Garner, NC
Project Administrator
NSTAR Highlight:

Working at NSTAR allows me to build relationships all over the globe. I have learned so much by working with people who have different backgrounds and knowledge-bases. Locally, the company supports Habitat for Humanity and participates in holiday programs to provide goods and assistance for families in need. Efforts like these make me proud to be part of NSTAR.

Jamie Lough | Boise, ID
Document Control Coordinator

Does your work schedule with compressed shifts enable you to pursue activities you may not otherwise be able to participate in?
“I am able to pursue many of my passions on a daily basis, like billiards leagues, because of the compressed/non-traditional work schedule; it gives me a flexibility that an average work schedule does not typically provide. My dogs also appreciate the time to spoil them! ”

What educational and recreational accomplishments prepared you most
for the work you do today for NSTAR?

“I attended The College of Idaho and it prepared me for the fast-paced work environments the high-tech industry provides. It taught me the interpersonal
skills needed to work with teams of different people on a daily basis.”

Manny Hernandez | Israel (on assignment)
Resource Engineer
NSTAR Highlight:

During my time with NSTAR, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and experience a variety of cultures that I may not have otherwise encountered. The overseas assignments present countless possibilities for building friendships even when faced with a variety of challenging projects.

Morgan Ackley | Boise, ID
Technical Writer/JHA Documentation Specialist

What inspires you to succeed every day?
“The feeling that my work matters. It is critical for the success of the team, and if I do my part, the rest of the team can accomplish their goals.”

How has working in a high-tech industry (or tech-adjacent industries) impacted your life?
“I have a great appreciation for the work that people do in a semiconductor facility. On the fab floor, a lot of the procedures are extremely technical, and my job plays a small part in ensuring that procedures are done safely.”

What educational and recreational accomplishments prepared you most for the work you do today for NSTAR?
“A lot of the detailed editing and writing that I do I learned while studying at Boise State University. I worked as a tutor and helped students improve their writing and papers. A lot of those skills have helped me succeed in this position.”

Dustin Gough | Boise, ID
Manufacturing Equipment Support Technician
NSTAR Highlight:

I was drawn to NSTAR because it is a very innovative company offering numerous positions in growing technical fields. Based on my previous semiconductor experience, the recruiting team worked to place me in a position that was perfect for me. It has been a great fit from the start.

Scott Coshow | Chandler, AZ
Maintenance Technician
NSTAR Highlight:

After 4.5 years with NSTAR, I can confidently say that working with them has been a great experience. The management and supporting staff are incredibly accommodating, and the benefits are competitive within the semiconductor industry and other high tech markets. I’d highly recommend NSTAR to any person looking for employment in a growing field.

Bill Corpstein | Boise, ID
Tool Crib Operator
NSTAR Highlight:

I feel very fortunate to be part of the NSTAR team. I enjoy helping other get the tools and parts they need to be productive and accomplish their goals. Being able to use the skillset I acquired while serving as a DoD Navy serviceman makes my job even more satisfying. These skills assure our clients that together, we can achieve the desired and precise results. Even my friends and family can see how much I enjoy working at NSTAR.

Zachary Pulkinen | Boise, ID
Water Technician

What educational and recreational accomplishments prepared you most for the work you do today for NSTAR?
"I have a B.S. in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry (extremely helpful in the Water Services department).

Additionally, I played college and pro football, which taught me to be a very coachable individual and thus excel in a team environment."

How has working in the high-tech industry impacted your life?
"My position has allowed me to expand my knowledge of water treatment and how it is critical to production."

Bill Stradley | Israel (on assignment)
Resource Engineer
NSTAR Highlight:

Upon arriving in Taiwan for my first NSTAR project, I was struck by the company’s strong teamwork culture. The project, a tool deinstallation, was burdened with setbacks, however, we still completed the project one full day ahead of schedule. Working with NSTAR has allowed for me to gain experience with numerous toolsets while traveling the world. We have a great team and I am happy they are a part of my life.

Chelsi Mason | Boise, ID
Facilities Project Coordinator
NSTAR Highlight:

My position was created to in order to offer support and create flexibility for the current onsite staff. I welcomed the challenge, and with the unwavering support of NSTAR, have excelled in my role. To date, we have set processes that aid our team in streamlining some specific duties. Creating this invaluable position for NSTAR has been a rewarding experience for me.

Nate Rogers | Lehi, UT
Material Handler
NSTAR Highlight:

It is an honor to work for a company that gives its employees an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the semiconductor industry. NSTAR actively develops and invests in the workforce to support client operations at the highest levels. The knowledge I have gained has humbled me and will help me grow professionally.

Isaac Lagmay | Tualatin, OR
Operations & Maintenance Technician – Gas/Chemical Services
NSTAR Highlight:

Having worked in similar industries (aerospace and defense) it was exciting to have the recruiting team at NSTAR see that my skill sets were transferable to the semiconductor industry. In my time, there is a clear indication that the company gives its employees every opportunity to excel in their roles.

Lee Beattie | Austin, TX
Resource Engineer
NSTAR Highlight:

I’m honored to be one of the first resource engineers to have ever signed on with NSTAR. The opportunity to work on projects around the world in various capacities is very exciting for me. So far, nothing has been more thrilling than being on the team that was assigned to the world’s first 300mm fab shutdown tool extraction project. The team and I contributed to the entire project strategy, all while under a very tight schedule. This is just one example of NSTAR’s ability to add unique experiences to a diverse career. Proud to be part of it all.

Kathy Hall | Boise, ID
Facilities Project Coordinator
NSTAR Highlight:

I originally started in the document control group and have seen steady advancement in the company. I now provide key construction project set-up and scheduling for our clients’ facilities & plant operations. Supporting NSTAR’s project coordinators has allowed me to develop a true understanding of the safety & environmental concerns that prevail in our industry.

Archana Komirisetty | Tualatin, OR
Process Technician
NSTAR Highlight:

I include NSTAR among my best employers. The firm is well known for providing its employees with opportunities that span the globe. The company offers exceptional benefits that are comparable to the market and industry. I would strongly recommend working with NSTAR to any of my friends and family.

Liv LuVisi | Boise, ID
Technical Writer/Documentation Specialist

What accomplishment are you most proud of since the start of your career with NSTAR Global Services?
“Working as a Technical Writer/Documentation Specialist with NSTAR Global Services, I am proud of how much I have learned in such a short period of time. Coming from a radio and marketing background, I knew this job was going to have a learning curve, but it helped to know that my bosses believed in me. Now I have our clients telling me how impressed they are with how much I already know and understand in just a few months!”

Does your work schedule enable you to pursue activities you may not otherwise be able to participate in?
“I am able to get off work at 3:30 p.m. and still have time in my day to do the things I love, like paddleboarding, hiking or hanging out with my dog!”

Jamie Lough
Morgan Ackley
Dustin Gough
Bill Stradley
Scott Coshow
Chelsi Mason
Nate Rogers
Lee Beattie
Liv LuVisi
Felicia Hinton
Manny Hernandez
Tommy Sapien
Archana Komirisetty
Chelsea Maroe
Dentray Washington
Bill Corpstein
Kathy Hall
John Garza
John Naylor
Isaac Lagmay
Elizabeth Prochaska
Zachary Pulkinen