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NSTAR advocates a culture of safety awareness where every employee campaigns to create an “Incident and Injury Free Environment” through individual attentiveness for the safety of every other employee, contractor, or visitor. Our philosophy, values, and way of life at NSTAR is to promote the collective consciousness of all NSTAR employees for the well being of each individual employee. As an NSTAR employee we encourage you to be familiar with the safety procedures of your work environment and take a hands on approach to prevent safety incidents. Follow the procedure and quickly report any work-related injury to your NSTAR lead, supervisor, or manager. Our conviction is a selfless commitment to an incident and injury free environment where every person goes home safely.

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NSTAR Safety Training

NSTAR requires all team members to pass certain online safety training courses and keep these certifications active on an annual basis. You will receive an email notification complete with required courses and deadlines.

Your Safety Course link is here and your login is set up as:

Username: firstnamelastname (Example: johndoe)
Password: LastnameLast4SSN (Example: Doe1234)

Report Work-related Injuries

Report any work-related injury to your NSTAR lead, supervisor, or manager and to NSTAR human resources at:

NSTAR Global Services
120 Partlo Street
Garner, NC 27529

Safety Contact:


Safety News and Documents

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall


News - Safety Total Awareness Report

This publication features a safety topic, and provides links to references for further education and training. News - Safety Total Awareness Report is embedded as its own section within Nside NSTAR News publications.

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