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Our NSTAR® team commits to providing top-tier asset lifecycle management services to our customers. We’re dedicated to championing transparency in our service delivery. On top of that, safety and timeliness are our priority. The bottom line is, no matter how complicated your project is, working with NSTAR is easy.

One of the most significant projects our customers come across is asset relocation. Asset relocation occurs when our customers decide that it would be more profitable to move their assets elsewhere. It could involve a move to a new facility of their own, or to a new owner. Without a partner to guide you through the process, this can be a daunting project. Relocating expensive tools and equipment without an expert team is risky. Fortunately, we are experienced in navigating the logistics necessary to skillfully set these types of projects into motion.

NSURESM Asset Relocation

Under our NSURESM asset relocation services, we offer NSURE TrackSM to monitor projects, from quote to project completion. This QR-based software supports all phases of relocation projects and each customer receives a login to see project statuses. NSURE Track is a customizable and easy-to-use platform, with milestones embedded to align with the project’s schedule. While other software tools may take months to learn, our customers get well acquainted with our system in a matter of days. No matter your scenario, our project team will work with you to establish a tracker setup that fits your needs.

We update milestones daily with percentage of completion. If one milestone is more significant than another, we assign different weights. This shows a more accurate progress report. Our system streamlines communication by giving our customers a comprehensive overview of everything they need to know during their asset relocation project. NSURE Track enables transparency because you will be able to better understand and monitor an asset’s relocation journey.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Asset Relocation

This cloud-based, in-house solution links to each piece of equipment scheduled to move with QR codes, so all updates are available in real-time. Whether the project is just one asset, or even up to a thousand assets, our software system can handle any of these quantities, all under a single project scope. Additionally, we generate an initial inspection report, along with a daily service report, all tied to the QR code.

NSURE Track does the heavy lifting for you, by boosting productivity and accountability. Historically, we’ve seen the importance of file management. Having all documentation readily available and organized neatly ensures smooth project completion. That’s why all documents, photographs, and certifications can be viewed and downloaded by the customer and us, to clearly view all activity history.

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This full suite of files is organized by each milestone, making the move easier for all parties. NSURE Track even includes multilevel accessibility, and permanent access to all documentation held within the system. Our team uploads pre- and post-project photographs to ensure quality assurance and quality control, including shipping photo documentation for departing and arriving loads on the conveyance.

In addition to the full suite of documents, a flow table is automatically developed, by leveraging the milestones. The flow table is where users can see all estimated timelines for each milestone, which is updated with the actual start and completion date throughout the process.

The Impact of QR-Enabled Asset Relocation

We’ve received great feedback from our customers on NSURE Track. We know that QR technology is tried and true, and it has positively impacted how we support our team and operational efficiency. With our simple platform and clear communications, customers now have a more integrated experience.

Now that you’ve had the chance to learn more about NSURE Track, we are ready to take the next step with you. For your next asset relocation project, please reach out to Andy Jones, Director of Asset Relocation, ajones@nstargs.com.

Contact Us About NSURESM Track