With NSTAR’s Temp-to-Perm program, you’ll never have to worry about making a bad hire or a high turnover rate. This program allows you to test the abilities and cultural fit of new employees before extending an offer of permanent employment.

As with all of our staffing solutions services, NSTAR screens, interviews and verifies the background of each employee, ensuring you receive only the highest-quality professionals. During the “temp” period, NSTAR handles all the day-to-day administration of your outsourced workforce, allowing you to focus on your business. We serve as the employer of record and handle all payroll, benefits, liability and human resources logistics. All NSTAR service team members also receive mandatory safety training to satisfy OSHA safety standards and client specific requirements.

NSTAR provides you peace of mind in finding a professional and reliable temporary employee prior to full-time employment. This results in motivated, confident, focused employees who provide reliable service throughout the duration of their trial period.