Tried-and-True Methods Used to Quickly and Safely Move Semiconductor Equipment in Japan

equipment moving

Company Profile
Japanese OEM
Live fab

Business Challenges
Needed to adhere to an extremely tight schedule that would not impact ongoing production.

Technical Challenges
Given two weeks to find a team of U.S.-based resources, comprising a project manager/acting safety manager, working lead engineer and 10 engineers/technicians.

NSTAR Solution
NSTAR was tasked with decontamination, decommission and the rigging out of 21 semiconductor process tools, including tool-site remediation to be complete in one calendar month.

The tools were dispersed throughout a working fab with the understanding that the decommissioning process would not impact ongoing production.

NSTAR was able to react quickly, due to the wealth of accumulated knowledge, well-established procedures and a full complement of process documentation, to provide a removal schedule and resource loading to get the job done in a timely manner.

The secret to success with this project was utilizing NSTAR’s proprietary tried-and-tested methodology that tracks and communicates every stage of the process and involves all parties in signoff documentation.

The project was completed to the satisfaction of the client and site owner within the allotted time with zero safety incidents.

What this Means to NSTAR Clients
NSTAR uses best-known methods for decommissioning, providing expert on-site management to complete the tool removal process safely and on time.

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