Staffing and Managing a New Production Team,
Allowing the OEM to Exceed Client Expectations

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Company Profile

  • Company established in 1999
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Hard drive semiconductor equipment

Business Challenges

  • Company was experiencing difficulty in finding skilled managers due to increased opportunities in the semiconductor industry.
  • The principals of the company were under the close watch of their previous employer.

Technical Challenges

  • Difficulty in finding local resources to fill key critical positions.
  • Recruiting efforts were not achieving the desired results.
  • At risk of falling behind production goals.

NSTAR Solution

  • NSTAR was tasked with hiring, training and running the night production team on a new tool set.
  • NSTAR was able to complete the hiring and beat the timeline by more than 30 days.
  • Company was not only able to meet production goals, but exceeded expectations.


  • NSTAR  provided  the  skilled  resources,  allowing  the  Production  Manager  to  focus  on production goals.
  • NSTAR took charge of identifying and managing the goals for the first 60 days, removing all essential risk from the company.

What this Means to NSTAR Clients

  • NSTAR is held accountable for manpower issues.
  • Company ensures  that  the resources meet and exceed  the goals set by  the client, with minimal or no risk.

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