Case Study: Solar Manufacturing Tool and Equipment Decommissioning; Milpitas, California

Company Profile
U.S.-based solar cell and module manufacturing facility with R&D capability contracted NSTAR’s services for an on-site project.

Business Challenges
A nonoperating facility with limited personnel access, as well as insufficient hookups for the equipment to operate.

The client required a certified electrical vendor and experienced decommissioning team to disconnect and properly shut down and flush all tools and equipment.

NSTAR Case Study<br /> Solar Manufacturing Tool and Equipment Decommissioning; Milpitas, California

Technical Challenges
Our client had a tight timeline due to the on-site sale of equipment. The challenging schedule led to such other logistical challenges as staffing and travel.

NSTAR Solution
NSTAR was contracted to decommission approximately 50 solar manufacturing tools and equipment.

The project required our team to use its experience and knowledge to orchestrate a value-added fab closure solution, while making safety the first priority.

The inventory of tools located at the closed site comprised a variety of OEM process, metrology and associated subfab tools/equipment.

The project’s management team employed a strategy of communication, collaboration and coordination to effectively facilitate the fluidity of the schedule, and to complete the job in a timely and budget-friendly manner.

Following the project’s completion, NSTAR received market recognition for removing and decommissioning solar equipment and coordinating fab closures, when it had traditionally been praised for its work in semiconductor.

What This Means to NSTAR Clients
NSTAR can successfully conduct tool and equipment relocation while adhering to all-site safety guidelines and maintaining the asset’s value.


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