Over 100 Semiconductor Tools De-installed and Moved from Factory in Taiwan; NSTAR Provides Local and Global Solutions

Semiconductor equipment deinstallation

Company Profile
International DRAM manufacturer
Founded 1996

Business Challenges
Specific site closed and no longer in production

Technical Challenges
The tool inventory had been sold to a number of companies and brokers with the understanding that overall site management would be controlled by a single general contractor (GC).

The GC imposed a controlled working environment insisting documentation and discussions were conducted in native language.

NSTAR Solution
NSTAR was contracted to decontaminate, decommission and rig out 100 semiconductor process/metrology tools.

NSTAR’s bilingual project manager assembled team of resources in the local area to accommodate customer needs and GC requirements.

NSTAR held daily on-site meetings and walkthroughs to ensure safety and on-time work completion.

NSTAR applied its managerial expertise of communication, collaboration and coordination, using tested procedures for safety compliance of job hazard analysis, prevention plans and best-known methods for tool decontamination and decommissioning.

What this Means to NSTAR Clients
NSTAR can work in any given environment to complete projects successfully and to the satisfaction of our clients with zero safety incidents

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