NSTAR Partnership Provides Solution to Labor Challenges for Equipment Moving Project in Europe

heavy equipment moving

Company Profile
Large U.S.-based broker/remarketing company

On-site project in France

Business Challenges
Non-operating foundry; no personnel on site.

Required site security, safety, and compliance to current labor regulations in specific country.

Technical Challenges
Customer had a strict schedule, and site had a variety of staffing challenges.

NSTAR Solution
NSTAR contracted to decontaminate and decommission 100+ semiconductor tools and equipment.

The tool list comprised a variety of OEM process, metrology and associated subfab tools/equipment located at a closed foundry site.

Due to the level of tool contamination, it was necessary to erect temporary containment tents over the tools and abate the area; all decontamination teams worked in full hazmat protective gear with self-contained breathing apparatus.

NSTAR applied a management strategy of communication, collaboration and coordination to effectively manage a difficult project and get the job done in a timely manner.

Following the completion of the 100 tools, NSTAR was contracted to provide further service on a number of additional tools.

What this Means to NSTAR Clients
NSTAR’s primary goal, as with all projects, is to minimize risk through careful planning and execution, while maintaining an environment of personnel and site safety for all to work.

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