Helping Our Customers Solve Their Customers’ Challenges

Customer Profile

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • 200/300mm semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Company established in 1999

Business Challenge

Our customer was trying to establish itself as a total solutions company by providing support for another manufacturer’s equipment.

Technical Challenge

Our customer’s customer was experiencing a tool downtime issue that was having a significant negative impact on production schedules. The piece of equipment in question was manufactured by a different OEM. However, because our customer was familiar with the tool’s issue, they offered to resolve the situation by taking over its preventive maintenance and repair. Under this agreement, our customer was asked to provide a subject matter expert who could return the tool to its full operational ability.

NSTAR® Solution

Our customer reached out to us for help in resolving this situation. We were already engaged with them, but in a different capacity. Fortunately, because of our diverse asset management life cycle services, we were able to extend our relationship. We tapped into our NSHIELDSM Equipment Services’ pool of engineers to identify the right individual for this issue, who successfully returned the tool to peak performance in just one week. This allowed our customer to meet their customer’s expectations. Our customer leveraged NSHIELD services to support the equipment for 14 months, at which time they hired our NSTAR engineer full time.

Our NSHIELD equipment services provide:


  • 24/7 maintenance
  • High quality, reliable services
  • Qualified fab engineers and technicians
  • Parts harvesting
  • Cleaning and kitting
  • Process engineering
  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Software programmable logic controller technology
  • Logistic programming


Accessing NSHIELD services’ skilled resources allowed our customer’s site manager to focus on day-to-day production without reallocating existing resources. Our team member was therefore able to focus on the tool repair and perform maintenance services without violating existing cross-vendor agreements.

As an NSHIELD services customer, you receive:

  • Always-on resources
  • Flexible and short-term staffing options
  • Access to the best team for the job

What this means for you:

  • We are held accountable for manpower issues
  • We create an environment where OEMs can tap into necessary expertise
  • Due to timely acquisition of trained resources, your exposure and risk are limited

With a track record of more than 20 years, NSHIELD services provide flexible, qualified technical resources and service solutions to support your equipment and optimize value. To learn more, email Darrell McDaniel at

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