Case Study: Experienced Japanese-Speaking Etch Resource

Company Profile

Large Japan-based electronics and semiconductor company.

R&D facility located in Portland Metro Area, Oregon.

Recruiting Challenges
Client requested a local Japanese/English bilingual resource with 5 or more years’ semiconductor etch process engineering experience.

Business Challenges
The semiconductor industry is adapting to a maturing workforce which has made experienced resources a scarce commodity.

Technical Challenge
As an additional challenge to this scenario – not only is the request for specific experience but also for a bilingual resource. Process engineers are relied upon for their knowledge of industrial processes and solving complex problems on the fab floor, thus coordination and communication are key.

NSTAR Solution
The recruiting team pooled together their knowledge of the client and the position and determined that using the team’s individual contacts and NSTAR’s social media platforms, they could quickly satisfy the request. Strategic use of these channels allowed the team to identify, screen and submit a candidate that matched all the requested qualifications and the client brought on the identified resource on a temporary (with an opportunity to be hired permanently) basis.

NSTAR provided the highly skilled resource within two weeks, leaving the repeat client satisfied. As an additional benefit, NSTAR added an experienced bilingual process engineer to our recruiting team’s portfolio of talent.

What this Means to NSTAR Clients
Our recruiting team collaborates to fulfill client requests in a timely manner utilizing a variety of contacts, methods and platforms that are more likely to reach the required highly-skilled technical resources.



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