Employee Spotlight: Jasmine Jackson

Position at NSTAR
Chemical Technician

Military Experience
Specialist in the United States Army

Connecting with NSTAR
During the transitional period from active to reserved, I had a lot of help from the Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP), a centrally funded commanders’ program that provides transition assistance services to eligible soldiers. They helped match my Military Occupational Specialty (or MOS code) to jobs/employers on the civilian side. During the interview process with NSTAR, I realized how many of their employees had previously served in the armed forces. I thought having other people with shared experiences would help with the process of transitioning to the private sector.

Your Military Experience vs Your NSTAR Experience
I’m able to bring over my discipline, work ethic and ability to work at any time for however long are needed to get the job done. The Army also taught me how to treat those around me like family, and to realize that what I do doesn’t just affect me.

Most Memorable Day 
Honestly, it was my first day in the fab. I saw how massive and complex this place was; really, it was a whole new industry to me. The second day, I got to go upstairs and see the processes and high-volume manufacturing at its pinnacle.

Favorite NSTAR Perk
I love the shift schedule. Three- or four-day weekends allow me time for school and other personal ventures.

Military Experience Helping You Today
The equipment and the way they work are completely new to me. I think the cross training in the Army prepared me for their complexity, because now when I see something unfamiliar, there is no feeling of being overwhelmed. I just start at the beginning and take it one step at a time.

Additional “Fun Fact”
I am currently studying to become a paramedic.

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