Employee Spotlight: Fred Archuleta

Position at NSTAR
Gas & Chemical Technician

Military Experience
United States Navy Officer First Class, E-6. I was an aviation structural mechanic for 20 years working on the following aircraft: F-14A/D, SH-3D/GH, CH-46D, SH-60B/F and S-3B.

Connecting with NSTAR
Knowing my skill set, NSTAR was highly recommended to me as a company by a colleague for work in the high-tech space.

Your Military Experience vs Your NSTAR Experience
Aviation & defense is a highly technical space that can have far-reaching implications, in safety and in costs. The work I do at NSTAR has some of these implications, which can lead to impacts on profitability and production schedules, with everyone working toward the same goal.— Just as in the military, we have to hit benchmarks and meet expectations.

Favorite NSTAR Perk
The camaraderie. I love coming to work each day and learning about the people I work with: their background, their experiences, and day-to-day.

Military Experience Helping You Today
The terms changed, names of parts and their specific function, but my military experience helped me process the technical vocabulary changes to the point where I was operational at a very efficient pace.

Additional “Fun Fact”
I am an avid F-14 aficionado and I loved working on them as part of my job for eight years.

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