Case Study: Hiring Men & Women of the Armed Forces

Situational Analysis
While serving, the men and women of the armed forces are encouraged to absorb skills, protocols and characteristics that make them ideal candidates for careers in semiconductor industries. NSTAR has found that the overlap of a person with military experience and the needs of high-tech manufacturing employers is significant; thus, we focus our outreach on making contact with personnel with military backgrounds, whether they be in the process of transitioning out of service or still serving in a reserve capacity of the armed forces (and all stages in between).

NSTAR Case Study Hiring Men & Women of the Armed Forces

Recruiting Challenges
The semiconductor industry faces a shortage of labor with previous semiconductor experience and an aging technical workforce in general. The manufacturing floor is a very technical environment that requires precision and relies on adherence to codes and operational procedures – not too dissimilar from the military.

As such, semiconductor environments represent an opportunity where men and women with military experience can excel.

Business Challenge
The challenge comes in education. Although the demand for technology is at an all-time high, the public is not aware of how far-reaching the supply chain for semiconductors is. Furthermore, very few people outside of the military have experience working on defense and communication equipment, while the armed forces has some of the most advanced and precise in the world.

In short, using military personnel can solve both the education and training hurdles facing the semiconductor industry as it looks to grow its operational workforce.

NSTAR has a presence in high-tech hot spots around the world, and our recruiting outreach is similarly far-reaching. Many of these hot spots are also military hubs (or at least nearby). New York, Texas and California are great examples, and we try to make as many inroads to military bases as possible in those areas.

NSTAR Solution
Whether the opportunity is project-based or long-term client services, the influence of military veterans from within NSTAR is measurable. In the last three years, just over a quarter (26.41%) of NSTAR’s total hires had military service in their backgrounds, and so far in 2017, NSTAR has a 29.41% rate of military hires.

As of today, NSTAR’s total global workforce comprises 23.14% with military backgrounds.

Our clients receive the benefit of a workforce that is trained on the highest grade of electronics used in some of the most advanced systems and equipment in the world. We have numerous examples of veterans transferring out of the military with titles like helicopter technicians, airframe mechanics, aircraft maintenance technicians, radar technicians, construction equipment mechanic and boiler technicians, into jobs with NSTAR for careers like operations & maintenance technician, gas & chemical technician, wet clean technician, manufacturing equipment support and/or resource engineer.

What This Means to NSTAR Clients
The men and women of the military are excellent employees, with unmatched technical training. They understand protocols and hierarchy, which makes them uniquely qualified to quickly adapt to the environment of high-tech, high-volume manufacturing. It is common for a new hire to take up to 6 months to become efficient and profitable for a company in their particular role—hiring military personnel and veterans, with specific training, is demonstrated to minimize that window and reduce risk.

Additionally, the men and women who served the country are very much at the forefront of our minds. NSTAR is pleased to join the ranks of other companies with a global presence that make it a point to employ veterans. As a company, we strive to be a leader in the high-tech industry in terms of educating and hiring veterans

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