Case Study: Employee Spotlight, Carlos E. Solla

Employee Name

Carlos E. Solla

Company Position
Field Service Engineer, LAM Fast Install Team Carlos Solla

Before NSTAR
B.S. in Electronic Technology Engineering/Aviation Maintenance Technician, Army Reserves

NSTAR was the perfect opportunity for Carlos to start his career in his chosen field.

Most Memorable Project
Carlos was tasked with refurbishing a tool for AG Semiconductor on location at a TFS site in Austin, Texas. Through this experience, he learned about the tool’s operation and gained the skills to complete the tool startup on his own. He also met Rick Summers, who has since become a good friend.

Favorite NSTAR Perks
Carlos likes traveling, networking, meeting new people and making friends all over the world.

Business Challenges
While abroad on a project, Carlos shipped tools to the site in Japan. Unfortunately, the tools were lost en route due to a transport error and, in short order, Carlos had to work extremely hard to replace them. As a result, at the end of the project, they had a tool surplus. Another memorable, yet challenging, incident was when Carlos set an order pickup in Japan without speaking Japanese.

Technical Challenges
Carlos ordered a refurbished robot for a Florida installation that would not cycle upon arrival. After tinkering with it for several hours, he discovered that the optical sensor was shifting out of place by the robot’s motion.

Destinations Traveled
Oregon, Florida, Texas, California, Maine, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore

Fun Facts
Carlos is an automotive mechanic.

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